There are many reasons why you feel your teeth would benefit from a straightening process, whatever your age. From overcrowding to widely spaced teeth, cross-bites, under-bites or overbites one of our brace systems can help.

Here at The Square Advanced Dental Care, we are experienced in the latest brace technology and are here to introduce you to a new way, the future of teeth alignment; straightening your teeth comfortably, discreetly and in the least invasive manner.

Our Orthodontic Appliances

Conventional Braces, otherwise known as metal braces.

Made of stainless steel, conventional braces work using individual brackets and archwires to move your teeth into position. Each bracket is fitted to the surface of your tooth and the archwire is slotted into these brackets.

Ceramic Braces

Using tooth-coloured ceramic brackets rather than metal and a white wire, ceramic braces are an appealing option for many patients. Also called clear braces, ceramic braces are virtually invisible. They are a popular choice for adults who prefer the subtle look compared to metal braces. Ceramics are also ideal for patients that like to have their photo taken or will attend important events while they are wearing braces. Patient’s wearing ceramic braces need to be conscious of what they eat as certain foods can stain the clear elastics.

Lingual Braces

Also known as ‘inside braces’ as lingual braces run along the tongue side. They are just as effective as standard outside braces, however they take longer to fit as each bracket needs to be custom made. Appointments with lingual braces may also need to be more frequent and take longer than traditional braces. Patient’s with lingual braces would benefit from regular visits to the hygienist as they can be difficult to keep clean. Lingual braces are most common amongst adults who are self-conscious of how they will look with traditional braces, particularly in the workplace.

Invisible Braces.

Invisible braces are one of the newest options available. A series of custom plastic trays are made which slowly move the teeth into the preferred position. This process is effective but also convenient; the aligners are clear and therefore discreet, removable so you can eat, drink & clean your teeth as normal plus they are comfortable – no metal wires or brackets that may cause irritation to the gums or inside of your mouth.

Each brace system is tailored to move your teeth gradually into the next desired position day by day, week by week to reach the final and perfect position to reveal beautifully straight, attractive teeth.

Which system is right for you?

It’s not just the aesthetics of the braces that will determine which one you choose. There are a few factors you should consider including cost, hygiene and the final result.


In our experience, some patients worry unnecessarily about how they will look with braces. They can remain self conscious about the braces long after everyone else has forgotten about them. But if the look of the braces is a concern for you, then consider lingual or ceramic braces that are invisible or hardly noticeable.


Some treatment options are more expensive than others. If you aren’t the person paying for them then you may need to check if some options are not feasible due to their additional cost.

Due to the technology required to customise the brackets and the time it takes in the lab to make the brackets, the cost of lingual braces is higher than other orthodontic treatments. Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces due to the materials.

Discipline with Dental Hygiene

Before getting any orthodontic treatment you need to consider if you are an ideal candidate.

All braces require extra dental care by the patient. Braces need more attention to brushing and flossing to ensure teeth don’t stain around the braces. Some children need to wait a while before braces to improve their commitment to teeth brushing, as do adults, if your cleaning is not adequate, our Specialist Orthodontist will refer you for a course of hygiene therapy first.

Discipline Needed for Orthodontic Treatment

If you are considering our invisible brace option, you need to ask yourself if you will be disciplined enough to wear them at least 23 hours per day every day? Every time you want to eat something, the customised trays are removed and placed back in the mouth soon after eating. Every couple of weeks the trays are replaced so if one set isn’t worn as often as they should, then the treatment is at risk.

With braces, you may need to cut out a few foods and change the way you eat others. Very chewy, hard and sticky foods are best avoided while you have braces and some foods should be cut into smaller pieces to avoid breaking the arch wire. If the wire is broken regularly, treatment time may need to extend to gain the best result possible.

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