White Fillings

A filling doesn’t have to be an unsightly way to correct tooth decay and white fillings are the most effective way to ensure an unnoticeable and natural filling that blends into the appearance of the rest of your teeth letting you smile and laugh with confidence.

A standard metal amalgam filling can be a conspicuous addition to your mouth which is why we offer a white composite alternative, matching the colour to your tooth for the least noticeable result possible. White fillings can also be used to correct small chips or broken parts of a tooth for a seamless repair.

How it works:

Tooth decay is a process where part of the tooth becomes softened; a filling removes this decayed area and replaces it with filling material. Although the standard amalgam filling has more strength than a white filling it is often the aspect of cosmetic appearance that makes white composite fillings a preferred choice. A white filling still has a high level of strength and durability and your dentist will give you all the necessary advice on how to care for it.

The procedure involves numbing the affected area with local anaesthetic before your dentist removes the decay. The area is replaced with the composite filling and then is set for optimum strength. Here at The Square Advanced Dental Care we like to put our patients first, making you as comfortable as possible. We understand that for some this can be an unpleasant experience which is why we can mask the sound of the drill and provide you with music to help you relax through special BOSE noise reduction headphones.

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