Mouth Guards

Contact sport carries the risk of damage to the mouth. A custom mouth guard made through The Square can protect your teeth helping you to relax and focus on the game instead of worrying about the impact of injury.

If you play rugby, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, martial arts or any contact sport then a custom made mouth guard is protection worth investing in. There are many over the counter mouth guards available but these can dislodge and are simply not as effective as one that is made to measure which come strongly recommended by the British Dental Association.

Wearing a mouth guard forms protection to your mouth, spreading the force of impact and making a concussion far less likely. A correctly designed, made and fitted mouth guard is essential in the prevention of sports related oral injuries. Our guards are suitable for most contact sports and we are able to produce mouth guards for those who wear orthodontic braces. One of our directors, Dr Craig Barclay, a rugby union referee and club dentist to Sale Sharks has first-hand experience of the value of a properly fabricated sports mouth guard.

Mouth guards made through The Square Advanced Dental Care are protective, comfortable, and resilient and will cause minimal interference to speaking and breathing. Our mouth guards are made to form a perfect fit with your teeth and gums. Retaining a good hold, our mouth guards allow you to focus on the task at hand safe in the knowledge you are protected. We can create your custom made mouth card in any colour you choose and to match your club or team colours.

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