Gum Disease

Gum disease is an issue that can have a big effect on the health of your mouth and it is vital that our gums remain healthy and strong. Often symptom-less in early stages it’s important to make regular visits to your dentist to check the health of your gums.

Gum disease can develop when bacteria enters the teeth and gums through plaque. If plaque is not removed from the teeth and gums the bacteria spreads into the gum causing damage. Gum disease can spread quickly if left untreated so if you notice blood when brushing teeth, bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth then it’s important you make an appointment with your dentist as quickly as possible.

There are two types of gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease. The symptoms of gingivitis are red and swollen gums and gums that bleed when teeth are brushed. This is the early stage of the disease. If gingivitis progresses without treatment then it can develop into periodontal disease. This is when gum disease develops and affects a large section of gum tissue and the jawbone itself. As the disease develops the jaw will develop pain and teeth may come loose eventually leading to tooth loss.

Early diagnosis is key in treating gum disease and regular check-ups can ensure we spot any of the signs that point to gum disease treating them quickly and effectively. If the disease has developed into the periodontal stage we would recommend specialist periodontal scaling. All treatments are followed up with an extensive dental hygiene programme to make sure this isn’t a problem you have to face again.

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