Implant Warranty

How long do implants last?

Once the implants and surrounding soft tissues are seen to be healthy and the new teeth are comfortable and correctly adjusted, it is the quality of your personal attention to oral hygiene and willingness to attend regular maintenance reviews that will have most influence on how long they last.

When poorly cared for, implants will develop a covering of hard and soft deposits (calculus and plaque), which is very similar to that found on neglected natural teeth. Untreated, these deposits can lead to gum infection. Bleeding, soreness and general discomfort. It could probably be said that implants will last as long as natural teeth. Well-maintained implants placed into adequate bone can be expected to last many years and possibly for your lifetime. However, just as you would expect conventional crowns, bridges and fillings to need occasional repairs or replacements, your implant-supported teeth may also have similar maintenance requirements over the years.

What can you do if an implant does not work

In general the success rate for dental implants is around 95%; however in practice this could mean that 1 in 20 of implants placed might not survive in the long-term. We can discuss how your treatment plan might be affected by the loss of an implant.

There are many reasons why a dental implant can fail including smoking, oral hygiene, and systemic diseases. In these particular risk groups, the failure rate could be expected to be much higher.

If an implant does not integrate well with the surrounding bone it will eventually become loose and no longer be able to support replacement teeth. Commonly the failing implant cause no discomfort and if there are enough implants remaining, it may not be necessary to replace it all.

Possible complications will be outlined in your treatment plan report and a 5-year warranty is included with every implant placed and restored at The Square Advanced Dental Care.

In general, the success rate for dental implants is around 95%


Despite high surgical success rates, we understand that some patients can experience dental health concerns following implant treatment, just as patients can following general dentistry.

We appreciate that having a dental implant is an investment, and here at The Square Advanced Dental Care, we provide a service that no other dental practice in our area is currently offering their patients. And that is a 5 YEAR GURANTEE FOR EVERY IMPLANT PLACED AND RESTORED WITH US.

We’ve taken a policy with Riva Insurance Brokers, a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Number 527657) to give you peace of mind about your dental implants.

This additional protection guarantees every implant that you have placed and then restored with us against unforeseen complications or accidents relating to both the implant itself as well as the restoration.

Guarantee Overview

  • Protection from the start of your treatment
  • Covers cost of remedial work undertaken
  • 5 years protection for your Implant and Restoration (implant supported crown, bridge or denture)
  • Includes accidental damage
  • Responsible patient aftercare plan


  • Follow our maintenance protocol (provided to you at your implant crown fit appointment).
  • Attend 6 monthly hygiene visits.
  • Attend annual implant reviews.

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