Endodontics, or root treatment, is a specialist and complex field of dentistry concerned with the inner tooth and here at The Square Advanced Dental Care we are proud to offer an expert team of specialists and consultants to help restore your teeth and their roots back to health.

Endodontics is a field based around the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infection and disease to the inner part of the tooth. During Endodontic treatment any dead or infected material is removed from the root canal area of the inner tooth allowing you to maintain teeth that might otherwise be lost.

The tissue of the inner part of tooth, often referred to as the pulp, contains nerves and blood vessels that help nourish the tooth. During endodontic treatment this pulp is removed, the chamber and canals are cleaned, treated, filled and finally sealed. The tooth can remain in place as it becomes nourished by the tissues of the surrounding gums and the jaw. At The Square endodontic treatment is carried out under rubber dam and with the use of a high powered microscope to guarantee optimum results. For most patients we use rotary nickel titanium files to prepare the root canal area and a heated GP system for effective obturation.

Our team at The Square are more than happy to take referrals for any type of endodontic treatment, particularly those cases of the highest difficulty including complex molar re-treatments, removal of inaccessible separated instruments and surgical endodontics on molar or premolar teeth.

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