If you suffer from snoring it can make for a difficult night’s sleep for both you and your partner, but don’t despair the condition is treatable and The Square Advanced Dental Care are here to help in creating a bespoke oral appliance that will give you a peaceful and quiet night’s sleep.

During sleep the muscles of your airway relax causing some obstruction of the airways, your body reacts by increasing the velocity of air which in turn causes the vibration of the soft tissues in your upper airway which then creates the noise of snoring.

As you get older the likelihood of developing snoring increases and research shows that around 40% of the adult population suffer from the condition. Snoring can also be caused by a condition known as obstructive sleep apnoea and if your dentist suspects this may the case he will refer you to your doctor for further investigation.

After a detailed consultation with your dentist here at The Square Advanced Dental Care we take a mould of your teeth, to ensure a custom made appliance can be produced. The oral appliance is made from two thin plastic formings that fit over your upper and lower teeth, the formings are joined together and gently hold the lower jaw in a forward position to prevent snoring. You will need to wear the appliance every night for a week and then you can look forward to a life without snoring. It is unfortunately not possible to guarantee the success of the appliance in every patient but statistics show it completely eliminates or severely reduces snoring in the majority of cases.

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