Sedation dentistry is a process that can help you relax and relieve your anxiety during your dental treatment. Conscious sedation allows you to enter a state of relaxation whilst maintaining the ability to communicate with your dentist. It is commonly used for those who suffer from dental anxiety and amongst those who may be undergoing complex, invasive or lengthy procedures.

IV sedation involves administration of a sedative drug that calms your anxieties and makes you less aware of your surroundings. This drug is delivered directly into the bloodstream and so the effects are potent and rapid. Additional benefits are that that the drug has a strong amnesic effect, so you are likely to forget some aspects of the procedure. The sedation is administered by a trained seditionist and it requires constant monitoring with special equipment for your safety.

If you suffer from anxiety or fear associated with dentistry you may wish to consider having treatment under sedation. Treatments start from £395 per session.

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