Oral hygiene is all about keeping your mouth clean and healthy and at The Square it’s up to us to show you how. Make an appointment with our dental hygienists today and experience a deep and effective clean.

Here at The Square we want you to experience excellence in all of our departments and our hygienist team’s role in keeping your teeth clean and healthy is where the process begins. Our hygienists have exceptional levels of training in their field and are passionate about the importance of dental and oral hygiene.

On your visit to the hygienist at The Square Advanced Dental Care we will first assess and check the current health of your gums. We screen for gum disease and check if there is any swelling, soreness or infection. Next you will experience a really deep clean removing all plaque and scaling to remove tartar (hardened plaque). We offer a number of treatments that will help in developing clean and strong teeth, pink and healthy gums and fresh breath.

Correct brushing and flossing techniques help to prevent the formation of plaque, the bacteria that form on the hard surface of teeth leading to dental decay or gum disease. Our hygienists will show you exactly how to effectively look after your teeth at home through brushing and flossing correctly and introduce you to special brushes that can help clean those hard to reach areas. We are confident that our expert hygienists will set you on the path to healthy and attractive teeth that will leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean and last a lifetime.

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