Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is necessary when the root canal of your tooth becomes infected and the nerve inside your tooth becomes affected. Here at Square Dental our specialists and consultants will ensure this procedure is as painless and comfortable as possible.

Inside each of your teeth is a root canal where the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth lie; this can become infected if the tooth becomes damaged through decay, an injury, gum disease or cracked and loose fillings. Often shooting pain and extreme sensitivity can indicate the need for a root canal treatment.

The root canal treatment removes the damaged nerve and bacteria that is causing the infection and the empty root canal is then cleaned and filled before a permanent seal closes the tooth. Without treatment the infection could spread further causing an abscess or infection to the jawbone resulting in the tooth having to be removed. The root canal treatment in essence saves the tooth allowing it to live and remain strong.

A standard root canal treatment can usually be done in one session but the length of treatment depends on the severity of the damage. Here at The Square we will take time to discuss what will happen during the procedure and explain the process giving you plenty of opportunity to ask any questions and quell any worries you might have.

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